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By: Shmukler Design 

There’s a sense of well-being when working with a jeweler who has gained your confidence when making an investment in a beautiful piece of jewelry, whether it’s for yourself or a gift for a loved one. Equally comforting is knowing that same jeweler can be trusted to take your treasured piece of jewelry and either repair it when broken or damaged, or to restore it to its original glory when it has lost some or all of its sparkle.

But first, we think it’s important that you understand the difference between repair and restoration when it comes to your fine jewelry. Simply put, repairs are performed by the jeweler to improve the integrity of an item. Restoration is performed in order to give new life to that glittering treasure.


The Jewelers of America (JA), a 113-year-old network of jewelry businesses with more than 8,000 members nationwide, suggests fine jewelry be inspected at least once a year. That’s because such items are susceptible to wear and tear. Here at Shmukler Design in Laguna Hills, California, we offer the following five tips for jewelry repair and five additional suggestions for jewelry restoration: Continue reading…

By: Shmukler Design 

Every business — whether it’s through the use of words, imagery, or a combination of the two — seeks to create dramatic effect (i.e., grab or divert attention from one thing to another) when positioning itself in the marketplace of goods and services. And nowhere is that more apparent than in the tag lines and slogan’s businesses and brands use in concert with their marketing and sales efforts. For example:

  • “The happiest place on earth” is what Disneyland and Disneyworld use to divert our attention
  • “Just do it” is used by Nike to sway and associate our thoughts
  • “What’s in your wallet” is the primary diversionary message employed by the bank holding company Capital One
  • “The ultimate driving machine” has been a part of BMW’s identity — and therefore ours — for the last half-century

At Shmukler Design, “Assistance Above SalesSM” is closely associated with our brand, but as you’ll learn by reading today’s post, unlike others in our sector who use tag lines to divert your attention (think: “Every kiss begins with Kay” and “The Diamond Store”)ours is engrained in the very fabric of what we do and how we do it.

Understanding Assistance Above Sales

At the heart of every custom jewelry project is you, the customer. Whatever you have in mind cannot magically make its way to the jeweler’s workbench without you and the jeweler discussing the project in person or by phone or video. The process of creating custom made jewelry demands Continue reading…

By: Shmukler Design 

Beginning with this article, and continuing each month through January of 2020, we here at Shmukler Design are going to highlight the birthstone representing the current month of the year. And the first in this “Your Birthstone” series is February’s stunning gem for the U.S. market — the amethyst.

The Origination of Birthstones

So where does this tradition of a birthstone originate? Most researchers believe the celebration of stones stems from the Bible and specifically, the book of Exodus. Among those verses is a detailed description of the sacred breastplate worn by a priest that featured 12 gemstones purportedly representing the 12 tribes of Israel. These dozen gems were later transcribed to represent the months of the year on the Hebrew calendar.

Following more than a century of updates, replacements, switches and changes, the Jewelers of America (a trade association of professionals in the jewelry industry) has adopted an official list of birthstones with one and sometimes more gems highlighting each month, with amethyst posing as February’s calendar sparkler.

According to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), amethyst has  Continue reading…

By: Shmukler Design 

Some people believe no gift is more representative of Valentine’s Day than classic heart-shaped jewelry, which can range from a necklace, ring or even colorful earrings. Of course, adding a romantic engraved message or symbol will add a personal touch to any jewelry gift purchase, which automatically increases the piece’s value to its recipient.

You can buy flowers and you can buy candy, but few things really express your love and appreciation as much as a piece of jewelry, beautifully stored in a box, and wrapped with classic papers and a bow.

Below we offer a number of do’s and don’ts for anyone considering a jewelry purchase for their loved one this Valentine’s Day. We suggest you jot a few of these down before heading off to find the perfect gift for your beloved. In no particular order: Continue reading…

By: Shmukler Design 

With this first post, we here at Shmukler Design welcome you to our blog — an online destination which we expect will evolve into a valuable source for information about custom jewelry for a nationwide audience. If you’re already familiar with Shmukler, we think you’ll appreciate the fact that we now have a blog of our own… a place where we can demonstrate our commitment to educate consumers and others pursuing answers and solutions to the often-confusing and misinformed marketplace for truly authentic and handcrafted custom jewelry.


And by educate, we mean this: There is so much confusion and conflicting information out there about the time, cost, and manner associated with hiring a custom jeweler that people are understandably shy and misinformed about the process. If you’re anything like the customers who first arrive at our office by way of a traditional chain or big box jewelry store, you don’t know what to believe or who to turn to with your questions and concerns.

At Shmukler, we help you understand and resolve your concerns about working with a custom jeweler, because as we’re fond of saying, assistance above sales in more than just a tag line. We work to help you take control of your project and not just rely on us to tell you how your Continue reading…