Assistance Above Sales is More Than a Tagline

By: Shmukler Design

Every business — whether it’s through the use of words, imagery, or a combination of the two — seeks to create dramatic effect (i.e., grab or divert attention from one thing to another) when positioning itself in the marketplace of goods and services. And nowhere is that more apparent than in the tag lines and slogan’s businesses and brands use in concert with their marketing and sales efforts. For example:

  • “The happiest place on earth” is what Disneyland and Disneyworld use to divert our attention
  • “Just do it” is used by Nike to sway and associate our thoughts
  • “What’s in your wallet” is the primary diversionary message employed by the bank holding company Capital One
  • “The ultimate driving machine” has been a part of BMW’s identity — and therefore ours — for the last half-century

At Shmukler Design, “Assistance Above SalesSM” is closely associated with our brand, but as you’ll learn by reading today’s post, unlike others in our sector who use tag lines to divert your attention (think: “Every kiss begins with Kay” and “The Diamond Store”)ours is engrained in the very fabric of what we do and how we do it.

Understanding Assistance Above Sales

At the heart of every custom jewelry project is you, the customer. Whatever you have in mind cannot magically make its way to the jeweler’s workbench without you and the jeweler discussing the project in person or by phone or video. The process of creating custom made jewelry demands interaction, and since no reputable jeweler charges for their time when helping you understand what’s possible, assistance must come before sales.

At least that’s what we think!

Great custom jewelers believe in a collaborative process, while the really good ones tend to listen more than they speak. How else is a project’s Scope of Work — the defining document in any custom jewelry project — supposed to be compiled and agreed upon? At Shmukler Design, we have a 7-step process we adhere to with all custom jewelry projects, and as you’ll see, Assistance Above SalesSM plays a leading role in our approach:

  1. The consult
  2. Draft of the Scope of Work
  3. The hand-sketch
  4. Finalize the Scope of Work
  5. Quote and deposit
  6. Creation (CAD design, 3D prototype, hand carving, fabrication, etc.)
  7. Delivery

Creating Custom Jewelry Means Creating Time to be of Assistance

As you can see, we cannot begin to collect any money on a project without first being of deep assistance to someone who isn’t even our customer yet. The amount of time we take during the consult (which sometimes can take up to three or four face-to-face meetings or phone calls), followed by detailed hand sketches of your custom-designed jewelry (which are ultimately added to the Scope of Work document), is extraordinary. Looking back on our five latest projects, we provide on average 20 hours of assistance before developing a quote and accepting a deposit.

This is the business we’re in. The custom jeweler is a commission artist for hire. We’re naturally flexible and keen on earning your trust. If this approach sounds like something you’d appreciate, please give us a call to discuss a custom jewelry project you have in mind. Even if you’re not ready to take delivery of the final product anytime soon, do give us a call. We can be reached at (949) 870-9915, and we’re happy to work at your pace.

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