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I could never afford a piece of custom jewelry!

My parents have passed away and I now have their jewelry, which isn’t at all my style. I don’t know if I should sell it or pass it along my own kids, but one thing’s for certain. I couldn’t ever afford to have it recast into something I’d actually wear. That’s just too expensive.”

Sound familiar? How about this one:

None of the engagement rings I see at the chain stores feel right for the woman I’m going to marry. On the other hand, having one created from scratch for me probably won’t happen because I don’t know where to start, and I can’t afford a custom engagement ring on my current salary.”

Whatever it is that brought you to The Custom Jewelry Blog — presented by Shmukler Design— we’re glad you’re here. We’re on a mission to demystify the process and costs associated with handcrafted, custom jewelry (the kind based on your vision, not what some big box or specialty retailer just so happens to be pushing at this time of the year).

We think you’ll be impressed by our insights, advice, and critical views related to the custom jewelry marketplace. And by “our” we mean Shmukler Design, a Southern California-based custom jeweler that believes in assistance above sales. Unlike other jewelers, everything we design, we also create ourselves. And our designs are based entirely on your personal vision for a finished piece. There’s no production line here, nor is there is a monthly target sales figure that’s aligned to “moving x-number pieces of jewelry” just so a salesperson can meet their monthly quota.

Take a look around our blog. As we mature as writers and curators of content, much more information will be added, and we’re happy to take suggestions for topics and posts that you believe might be helpful in your journey to understanding the custom jewelry marketplace.

Our ultimate objective for The Custom Jewelry Blog is to be among the most useful weekly reads for anyone who appreciates possessing jewelry of their own design.


Boris & Irina Shmukler, co-founders

The Custom Jewelry Blog

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