12 Do’s and Don’ts of Shopping for Valentine’s Day Jewelry

By: Shmukler Design

Some people believe no gift is more representative of Valentine’s Day than classic heart-shaped jewelry, which can range from a necklace, ring or even colorful earrings. Of course, adding a romantic engraved message or symbol will add a personal touch to any jewelry gift purchase, which automatically increases the piece’s value to its recipient.

You can buy flowers and you can buy candy, but few things really express your love and appreciation as much as a piece of jewelry, beautifully stored in a box, and wrapped with classic papers and a bow.

Below we offer a number of do’s and don’ts for anyone considering a jewelry purchase for their loved one this Valentine’s Day. We suggest you jot a few of these down before heading off to find the perfect gift for your beloved. In no particular order:

  • Do quiz your family and friends about their favorite jewelry retailer — and why they keep going back to that jeweler year after year. Trusted family and friends won’t steer you wrong, and the jeweler they refer you to will be bound to treat you well.
  • Don’t buy a ring for someone you’re dating — especially if you haven’t even discussed marriage. Instead, save up for an engagement ring down the line. Use Valentine’s Day to help round out your love’s jewelry and accessories.
  • Do find out ahead of time if your recipient will wear the jewelry every day or just on special occasions. Some pieces of jewelry are meant to be worn occasionally, while others are meant for everyday wear. Be sure you know the difference between the two.
  • Don’t buy jewelry that everyone else sells in their showcases. There’s something to be said about gifting a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry, and that doesn’t mean you have to break an arm or leg to afford it. Many towns have jumped on the ‘art show’ bandwagon — weekend destination events featuring the works of local artists. Often, such shows’ producers look to local jewelers to round out their offering of exhibitors. Attend these art shows whenever they’re offered because that’s where you’ll find small, local jewelers who are in deal-making mode.
  • Do find out what metal your loved prefers before going out and purchasing something they’re not fond of.
  • Don’t purchase big and gaudy jewelry. Go for timeless and classic, as well as personal and meaningful.
  • Do shop around for a unique and reputable local jeweler who can advise you in the jewelry buying process for years to come. Think of this person as a consultant. Look for someone who will be unbiased about your choices yet be able to give you advice based on their experience and knowledge.
  • Don’t just purchase something online just because it’s convenient. Jewelry sold online — unless it’s from a highly reputable jeweler or brand — is seldom the best choice. For one thing, you can’t handle the item or give it a close inspection like you can in a retail store. And for another, return policies often require you to pay for your own shipping & handling, as well as a restocking fee, should your beloved not be in love with the piece you purchased online.
  • Do stay on budget. Purchasing a gift of jewelry should be meaningful — and not necessarily expensive.
  • Don’t limit your purchase to the usual jewelry offerings. Think about add-on jewelry such as charm bracelets or add a stone pendant to an existing piece of jewelry.
  • Do keep this in mind — a girl can never have enough earrings.
  • Don’t procrastinate. Start preparing now for next Valentine’s Day. That gives you time to conduct more research, discover new items and find a reliable custom jeweler who will work with you to make your purchase a success.

Whatever you choose to do, don’t be shy about asking questions, and don’t limit your questions to the jeweler you choose to work with. The person you’re buying jewelry for has all the answers already. They know what they like, and they know what they loath. In many cases, so to do their friends and family members, so ask questions that inform your gift-giving whenever it’s appropriate to do so.

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